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Ecoplasteam and art

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There is a profound link between the new system of enterprises, the choices of sustainable economic models, and art.

Our business is based on the concept of the circular economy and respect for the environment. Bearing this in mind, we created an area outside our production plant with fruit trees and farm animals. Furthermore, we commissioned a world-renowned artist, Ernesto Morales, to decorate the inside walls of the plant with 8 paintings (10 metres by 3 metres each) making up a series entitled “Cosmogony”, which is an oniric representation of the circular economy.

All this serves as a reminder that we live in a world that belongs to us as much as it does to future generations.

We believe in the intersection between these worlds as different as they are similar, in order to develop our identity within the processes of a circular economy as a thread capable of uniting nature, art and industry.