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April 2021

The Circular Economy Challenge


March 2021

The Green Economy and Africa


February 2021

Explainer: What is the circular economy?


January 2021

5 sustainable packaging developments to watch in 2021


December 2020

In-depth: What has the von der Leyen commission achieved on the environment?


November 2020

Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference: Together for a cleaner and more competitive Europe


October 2020

A New Circular Economy Action Plan for all


September 2020

Our Future: Bound to the health of planet earth


August 2020

Why plastic waste is an ideal building material

Tourism sector commits to fight plastic pollution in line with UN COVID-19 recommendations


July 2020

INSIGHT: Waste prevention targets, one route to achieve a zero-waste Europe


June 2020

The Circular Economy in the Recovery


May 2020

The Covid-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy


April 2020

Calling all teenagers — do you want to build a better future?


March 2020

Beyond the “throwaway society”: how the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan will benefit consumers


February 2020

Is a world without trash possible?


January 2020

6 circular economy trends that will shape 2020


December 2019

Coming Full Circle: Sustainable Retail In A Post-Recycling Age

More plastic could help create a circular economy

UK Plastics Pact update reveals where future challenges lie


November 2019

To build a circular economy, we need to put recycling in the bin

The Circular Economy – Lessons from the Past for a Sustainable Future

Why municipal waste-to-energy incineration is not the answer to NZ’s plastic waste crisis

The plastics industry is changing – because it has to

Is the global quest to end plastic waste a circular firing squad?

“All-in” DRS could result in people buying more plastic

Six in ten willing to pay more for reduced plastic packaging

Top Beverage Brands Commit to Getting ‘Every Bottle Back’


October 2019

Beverage giants pledge $100M to support bottle recycling

Innovation and entrepreneurship can cut waste and deliver the circular economy

Rethinking the science of plastic recycling

“Unprecedented transparency” shines light on global plastic initiatives

Supporting the circular economy

Plastics report highlights policy options

World Plastics Council meets to advance a circular economy for plastics

“To end plastic pollution, we first need to eliminate language pollution”

Plastic reuse the most efficient way to solve marine waste issue, experts say

The Council adopts conclusions on the circular economy

Electronic devices ‘need to use recycled plastic’

“If you don’t have a circular business, you won’t have a business,” says Richard Hutten

Global war on plastic waste gathers speed with powerful new allies

Coca-Cola Tests Bottles Made From Marine Plastics

The Circular Economy: Redesigning our Planet’s Future

The role of women in the green economy

Circular economy: “further ambitious efforts are needed“ – European Council

“Breakthrough technology” uses ocean plastic for Coca-Cola bottles

Paper and biodegradable alternatives as bad as plastic says Greenpeace

Rewild 25% of the UK for less climate change, more wildlife and a life lived closer to nature

Transitioning from a grey to green economy



September 2019

Supply chain players must transform operations to suit a ‘circular economy’

Teaching circular economics

Net-zero not possible without circular economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation finds

3 ways companies can start embracing the circular economy

Nestlé unveils packaging research institute to help boost development of ‘sustainable’ materials

Startup Success Story: passion and perseverance

How to convince customers to pay more to save the planet