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December 2021

The 3 most impactful circularity trends in 2021


November 2021

Circular economy: Could rethinking design transform the world?


October 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic necessitates a shift to a plastic circular economy


September 2020

PlasticEurope Welcomes mandatory EU recycled content target


August 2021

Commentary: Addressing plastics in the circular econom


July 2021

5 things to know about the EU single-use plastics ban


June 2021

World Environment Day: How to reduce waste and drive a circular economy


May 2021

A world without measurement doesn’t work


April 2021

The Circular Economy Challenge


March 2021

The Green Economy and Africa


February 2021

Explainer: What is the circular economy?


January 2021

5 sustainable packaging developments to watch in 2021


December 2020

In-depth: What has the von der Leyen commission achieved on the environment?


November 2020

Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference: Together for a cleaner and more competitive Europe


October 2020

A New Circular Economy Action Plan for all


September 2020

Our Future: Bound to the health of planet earth


August 2020

Why plastic waste is an ideal building material


July 2020

INSIGHT: Waste prevention targets, one route to achieve a zero-waste Europe


June 2020

The Circular Economy in the Recovery


May 2020

The Covid-19 recovery requires a resilient circular economy


April 2020

Calling all teenagers — do you want to build a better future?


March 2020

Beyond the “throwaway society”: how the EU’s Circular Economy Action Plan will benefit consumers


February 2020

Is a world without trash possible?


January 2020

6 circular economy trends that will shape 2020


December 2019

Coming Full Circle: Sustainable Retail In A Post-Recycling Age


November 2019

To build a circular economy, we need to put recycling in the bin


October 2019

The role of women in the green economy


September 2019

Net-zero not possible without circular economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation finds