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Ecoplasteam's Identity & Policy

Ecoplasteam was born with the idea to find a solution to the problem of recycling polylaminates. Thus, the company’s identity is the same as its operating task, that is trying to recycle these materials to create a new product, using traditional technologies of transformation.

The idea comes from the intuition of Roberto Lecce, an entrepreneur who some years ago turned to researching a new plastic material that was cheap, yet at the same time environmentally friendly. He found in polylaminates, which are used in drinks containers, a material which was suitable for his needs. Merging and “mixing” the aluminium and the polyethylene that they are made up of, instead of separating them, produces a new material which is completely ecological and is in turn recyclable: EcoAllene®.

Thanks to the company Amut S.p.A., an international leader in the field of plastic extrusion and in the construction of innovative engineering concepts, the first pilot plant was set up, with an annual production of around 6000 tons of EcoAllene®.

A group of Turin entrepreneurs believed in the project and invested capital. Together with Swiss Merchant Corporation SA, a Swiss company, they laid the groundwork to build a legal and financial structure for operations which convinced the Banca Popolare di Milano bank to finance the project.

This led to the innovative start-up Ecoplasteam S.p.A., which today has a production plant in Alessandria and is planning to build another five plants around Europe, in order to meet the demand of recycling over 300,000 tons of polylaminates.

The first plant is located in a building which features a series of wall paintings by the world-renowned painter Ernesto Morales, entitled Cosmogony, which represents an oniric interpretation of the circular economy. The plant is situated on 10,000 square metres of land, with a green area featuring fruit trees and a small artificial lake where farm animals are kept, in order to keep in mind that art, nature and industry must always go hand in hand.

The end product of the plant, EcoAllene®, has already attracted the interest of dozens of Italian companies for the production of various types of plastic objects, as it is a material which is technically as good as virgin plastic, but cheaper and above all recyclable.

Ecoplasteam is therefore a company capable of creating and putting on the market a new material derived from waste made up of two elements, not separating them but creating a third material with proprieties similar to the family of thermoplastics (e.g. polyethylene), ecologically sustainable and in line with European norms concerning the use of recycled plastic, making it a part of the circular economy.



Company vision and Management Policy


The Management of ECOPLASTEAM is aware of the challenges and opportunities offered by a scenario, that of recycling waste and/or waste, so central to a model of sustainable development in continuous evolution. To face this challenge it is necessary to take note of the reference context and of the changes taking place both at national and international level. Only with a pro-active approach will it be possible to consolidate relations with one’s own market and with other reference stakeholders with winning policies and practices.
For Ecoplasteam’s management, the organizational and decision-making process is based on a complete analysis of the context in which it operates, taking into account the expectations of the stakeholders and any risks and opportunities that may arise over time.
ECOPLASTEAM therefore considers it essential to have an organization that allows to harmonize and keep under control its processes a constant improvement of its business performance.
The integrated policy extends to the entire process of finding, selecting and transforming industrial waste and subsequent processing into Ecoallene® products, taking into account the entire supply chain and the entire life cycle of the product. In doing this, it is necessary to keep in mind the quality aspects of the product and supply, the environmental and sustainability aspects, work safety and well-being of all the people involved in the Ecoplasteam project.
A broad vision that cannot neglect the direct and indirect environmental aspects as well as those deriving from the use and disposal of Ecoallene® products.
Therefore, convinced that the path of sustainability must consider the economic profit linked to the concept of circularity of materials, Ecoplasteam invests resources and energies for the development of a recycling process of a waste material in a plastic material which is in turn recyclable.
With this in mind, ECOPLASTEAM has decided to develop and maintain a “Management System” for aspects relating to environmental impacts, sustainability, product quality and the safety and well-being of the people involved.
The management of the path towards the objectives and ambitions of the project also refer to the main international standards (ISO) in terms of management system for the environment, quality and safety at work.
ECOPLASTEAM therefore undertakes to protect the environment, through the prevention of pollution, with a life cycle perspective, to eliminate as far as possible the factors of danger and, in any case, to reduce the risk of accidents to the maximum of their technical and organizational possibilities.
ECOPLASTEAM also undertakes to comply with all its compliance obligations, applicable requirements and all other regulations signed by it.
With this Policy, ECOPLASTEAM establishes some areas of intervention which it undertakes to pursue and periodically review:
➢ eliminate the risks for workers, improving the safety of machines and systems, for the best conditions of well-being for people;
➢ improve the effectiveness of information, education and training processes for employees and the closest suppliers, improving awareness of what is being done;
➢ improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the response to any internal or external emergency situations;
➢ maintain the environmental sustainability of products and their production processes, considering a life cycle perspective through Life-Cycle-Assessment analysis;
➢ optimize the energy and water consumption required by the production processes;
➢ take note of the main market indications and the needs of the “interested parties”
➢ maintain all the requirements required by the ReMade in Italy® recycled product certification, extending it gradually to all the formulations required by its customers
➢ maintain all the requirements required by the European EuCertPlast certification as a waste plastic recycling company
➢ continuously improve, where possible, its ability to pursue customer satisfaction through checks on materials entering and leaving the factory;
➢ The Management of ECOPLASTEAM Spa also undertakes to pursue a continuous improvement of its corporate management system to improve performance also through the involvement and participation of workers and suppliers.

Where possible, the Management identifies parameters and indicators for monitoring performance in the areas mentioned above.





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